UPDATE: February 2015
Touch Shape and Fitness Center has added a few things:
1. A regular bench press with more free weights
2. A rowing cardio machine

Touch Shape and Fitness Center just recently opened at the end of August 2014. The actually Fitness Center is not completely finished as the Yoga, Dance, Cycle rooms are not complete but they do have the cardio and weight area open for business. The gym is located in Chiang Mai on the 5th floor of the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center, on the same floor as the movie theaters in this complex. This gym has been advertising for some time and it is great to see another gym in the mix in the center of Chiang Mai.


My first visit to Touch Fitness Center the staff was very friendly and let me walk around the area. They told me they expect the rest of the construction to be finished by the end of September. This gym is a little pricier then a lot of gyms in the area and though not the most expensive it certainly is one of the higher priced gyms. They actually have 3 plans. Plan 1 is a basic plan where you can only come at certain times of the day. Plan 2 is the standard plan that gives you full access except to Yoga and cycling classes and of course Plan 3 includes the Yoga and Cycling.

All the equipment if pretty much brand new and they have a very nice selection of Cardio Machines in the front area and towards the back of the gym. Most of the cardio machines are from Life Fitness which is a brand I have always thought was pretty good quality. The Fitness Center also has a number of weight machines and a small area for free weights. I would say the free weights are the biggest con of this gym as they do not have a lot of them. Not sure if this will change but if you are a power lifter and need lots of weight plates you are not going to find them here. They don’t even have a free weight bench press at this gym, only an assisted one. Also they only have one EZ Bar and as I said the weight plates are limited so if one guy happens to be lifting a lot of weight you are going to have to wait.

They do have a number of hand weights though but the area is a little bit small and with so many big machines hanging around once this gym starts to get busy it might be a little crowded in this area. However, for the average gym goer that isn’t looking to lift a lot of weight it should be okay. The benches are also a bit hard to move around as the floor is carpet and they do not slide very easy. The Fitness Center also has locker rooms, showers and a Sauna. You can buy water at the gym for 15 Baht and you have to bring your own towel. When you sign in you are given a key to a locker so you do not have to bring your own lock.


New Equipment, Sauna, Locks Available, Free Parking, Good Cardio, Friendly Staff


Costs, Free Weights Limited, Too Many Staff, Will Get Crowded, Missing Some Key Equipment like Free Weight Bench Press

My overall opinion of Touch Shape and Fitness Center is in regards to Gyms in Chiang Mai it is not bad at all.  Yes the price will certainly keep some people away and the lack of some key equipment is annoying and I do hope they might add more equipment as time goes on.  The gym reminds me of the old California Wow Franchise with the look and feel and the number of staff.  Honestly, I think they have way to many staff on site.  Sometimes when I work out there are 5 to 10 employees in the area just talking, playing with their phones, using the weights and so forth, I do find that a tad annoying.  As I stated before if you are going for big weight lifts then this gym is not going to cut it right now.  However, if you can get by on solid cardio machines, weight machines and a limited supply of free weights it might be the gym for you.

Here are the prices at the time of this review.


PRICELIST Touch Shape And Fitness Center


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