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I got a Thailand motorcycle driver’s license last year for the first time. Since it was my first license in Thailand you are only issued a 1 year temporary license, though I have heard you can now get a two year temporary license. When my present license expires I can move onto the next step which is a 5 year license but once again I have to get the paperwork together. One of the things on my check list is the Thai Residence Certificate which is a form that you get from immigration stating that you are living in Thailand either temporarily or permanent. You need this certificate when you want to apply for a driver’s license and also when you want to buy a vehicle it is also required.

how to get thai residence certificate chiang mai

I am now living in Chiang Mai and wanted to share the steps I needed to get my Thai Residence Certificate in this area. Every province will probably have similar rules but it is best to always do your research to make sure you know where to go and what you need. The certificate used to be issued at the immigration beside the airport in Chiang Mai but recent changes have moved the location just opposite of the Promendada Mall.

Do not get confused and think that you can get the certificate at the Promendada Mall itself. You actually pass the mall and take a U-Turn at the next set of lights. You will then see a couple immigration blue signs and you take a left onto a dirt road just before a Castrol Oil Building. If you pass the Castrol Oil Building then you have gone too far. You then make your way around the dirt path with a couple turns and the building will be more to your right, it is hard to miss. There are several areas to park and the parking is free, it is also the area where a lot of the Asians from other countries are applying for their work visas, such as the Burmese so you might feel a little out of place if you are a foreigner, but alas you are in the right location. In fact I think I was the only Westerner there at the time.

When you enter the front doors you will see several numbered offices. Work your way to the far left to Room Number 4, which is where you will apply for your certificate. At first I just went into the center line with everyone else seeing that this line was the longest but I was quickly plucked out of line by an Immigration employee and asked if I was looking to do my Thai Residence Certificate. He directed me to a very small table just towards the back of the room, nothing special at all. A small table with two Thai employees and no signs stating that it was for the Thai Residence Certificate. The employees no doubt saw that I looked out of place and assumed I was here for the certificate.

When You Apply For The Thai Residence Certificate You Need The Following:

  • Your Actual Passport for verification purposes (They Will Not Keep It)
  • Photocopy of the front page of your passport (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your present Visa Stamp Page (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your Departure Card (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your Owner’s House Book or Lease Agreement
  • Two 2×2 inch passport photos
  • Completed Application Form for the Residence Certificate
  • 500 Baht If You Want the Form the Next Day (See Below As Well)

You can download the form on the immigration site and have it ready before you arrive or you have the option to get the form from the staff and fill it out at the service center location. Some other things you might want to bring is a copy of a bill that has your address such as your Internet or Water bill for further proof. Also, some condo management teams you can ask them if they have a document supplied by the condo stating that you live there, many of them do and the Service Center will also accept these instead of the lease.

From my understanding the actual cost of the Residence Certificate is supposed to be free and you are supposed to get the certificate in about a week or two. However, after reading several forum posts many people that have gone the free route have ended up waiting much longer and the process does not seem as smooth. Paying the 500 Baht allows you to pick up the Certificate the following day between 1pm and 4pm. I have been instructed to pick it up at Office number 2 which is in the same building and just as easy to find as office 4.

If you do not have photocopies or photos they can be taken right at the office. Only 2 Baht per photocopy and I believe they also will do the 2×2 inch passport photos as well but I did not inquire on how much it might cost.

When you have everything ready you pass it to the clerk who quickly goes through the paperwork to make sure you have everything in order. You pay 500 Baht and he gives you a receipt telling you to come back the next day between 1pm and 4pm. Of course keep in mind that the office is closed on major holidays and the weekends, so if you come on Friday you can’t get it until Monday. Do not lose this receipt as this is the proof of your application and losing it will surely result in headaches and perhaps having to redo the whole process, something I do not plan to try out.

Quick Directions To The Office To Get The Residence Certificate:

  • Head towards the Promenada Mall (Coming In From Route 1141)
  • Pass the Mall and At Your First Set of Lights Make a U-Turn
  • Just Before the Castrol Oil Building Take a Left onto Dirt Road
  • Drive along the Dirt Road Until You Reach the Service Center

Drop Off Form Times:  8am to 12pm Monday To Friday (Excluding Holidays)
Pick Up Form Times:   1pm to 4pm Monday To Friday (Excluding Holidays)

The actually Thai Residence Certificate is valid for 3 months so make sure to do what you got to do before that time frame our you will have to start it all over again.

2 comments on “Thai Residence Certificate Chiang Mai Process

  1. I went for a Residence certificate in Promendada Mall to get my Driving license renewed. A simple operation (I thought) That went completely bad.

    Today i tried to get a Residence Certificate from Chiang Mai immigration located on 2 floor in the Promenada shopping mall.

    Here is what happened. I went to the office and asked where to get the certificate – and was pointed to a box full of numbers. After waiting, my number came up and i went to the desk and was met by a lazy looking lady with a kind of “i don´t care attitude”). She asked me to to see a rental contract and other paperwork.

    Well – that resulted in a fine to my Landlord/ Housemaster, that she wanted me to pay (not my fine, but they make you do that, or else you will not get the required receipt). So I paid! and she went off to lunch. I was left there with no rental contract and could not proceed.

    At around 13:30 (Yes, not 13:00, lots of people waiting) she came dangling back to the office, and i asked her for the rental contract and said i was not able to proceed. That resulted in her and another lady started to offend me in Thai, calling me drunk (perhaps perfectly normal for them – but having foreign customers – its very offending) and then… she just completely ignored me, as if i was not there, and have turned into something not worth her attention, after waiting and waiting and paying a fine that was not even mine.

    I have never been treated like that before, after a long time in Thailand, and always with a proper polite attitude. The critique is for the IMM office on 2 floor. The one in the basement has always been treating people with respect as far as i know

    • LearningThai on said:

      Well that is unfortunate that you had such a hard time. It was pretty smooth when I did it. I wonder if that fine was because you were not offically checked in the immigration system. Landlords by law have to let immigration know who is staying in their condos (foreigners that is), it was not as strict in the past but recently over the last couple of years they have been enforcing it more. In fact every time you stay somewhere else in Thailand you are suppose to re register usually the condo or hotel you are staying at can do it on your behalf. Though I am not sure this was the reason of your fine.

      In any case hope you have a better experience next time you have to do something similar

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