Thai Pod 101 Review

Thai Pod 101 is another very popular program for learning the Thai Language.  The software is offered in a number of methods including lessons via Video, Audio and Podcasts, all which can also be downloaded in a PDF format. The method gives you the freedom to study on your own time and avoid the conventional classroom.  Even if you are going to a Thai School it will surely help you get ahead and learn the Thai Language much quicker than your fellow classmates.  The audio speakers are both Thai and Foreign speakers and they really try to focus on pronunciation, listening and grammar skills that will help you learn to converse with the Thai people.

Thai Pod 101 Video Sample

Joining the site is actually free and you get access to a number of free lessons to see if you like the format.  If you do there are upgrade packages consisting of Basic Package, Premium Package and Premium Plus Package all which are a different price point per month and you can buy membership for the longer periods as well to save money.  Each package has its own advantage such as the premium package you can actually get one on one instructor training.  This is a subscription type site so you will have to renew though sometimes they offer deals that result in longer periods of time for the same price.  The site is month to month but if you decide to pay for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 year the prices goes down quite a lot for the month.  For instance the premium package at the time of this review is actually 25 dollars a month but if you pay for 2 years in advance it drops down to 10 dollars a month with a one-time purchase of 240 dollars.


Thai Pod 101 Member Options

When you first log into the program you are presented with a dashboard and several options to choose from.  It will take a few minutes to get a handle of how everything works with the layout but it is rather easy to navigate.  Thai Pod 101 breaks the lessons into 5 different learning sections including Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and a News And Announcements section which also can have a lot of the newer lessons included. Each main lesson has a series of courses for you to listen to and you can favorite them, download the PDF and also check them when you are finished.  An overall progress level will appear with your account to show you how far you have progressed in both the module you are in and overall as a student.

One of my favorite things about the program is the Word Bank feature.  If you come upon some words you really want to remember you can add them to your word bank and go back and listen and study to them later, a nice little feature to help you learn the vocabulary. There is also an Online Thai Dictionary you can use to search words both in Thai and English and many other features such as Word of the Day to your email, Thai Alphabet and the Flash Card System where you can listen to words and see if you can understand them. The Flash Cards also give you sample sentences, definitions and more to help you learn quickly and effectively.

Thai Pod 101 Word Bank Language Feature

As stated above you can also download the audio to a Podcast so you can go anywhere with your IPhone, Android or other smart phone device and listen to the lessons and not be tied down to your computer.  The lessons themselves are very clear and start out with some music and introduction of the speakers.  I honestly wish they didn’t  open up every audio like this as hearing the same introduction on every audio lesson gets a little annoying but it is only for a couple of seconds before the actually lesson begins.  The lessons also goes a little outside of just learning the language as they will often give other information about Thailand such as information on the culture, manners, temples and anything else that will help you learn more about the country to help you be more informed about the Thai society.


  1. Audio – This is the lesson itself with a scenario that is both explained in the Thai and English Language.
  2. Review – The lesson is repeated but there are pauses in the audio for you to practice the phrases and words.
  3. Dialog – This is the lesson one last time but totally in the Thai Language to see if you fully understand the lesson without help of the English Language.

Thai Pod 101 lesson format

If you have a question on one of the lessons then no problem.  There is a comment section under each lesson and you are free to ask questions there.  A tick box is available so you can be notified by email when the question is answered and a link will be available to go straight to that section. Usually within one or two days one of the staff members will get back to you, sometimes sooner.  The course also has a number of user guides and tutorials to walk you through the many parts of the course.  If all else fails they do have email support area where you can freely ask support for any problems you might have, the team wants you to have a stress free learning experience.

Recently Thai Pod 101 has also introduced a mobile version of the online course as well.  You can use your mobile friendly smart device and access the dashboard and learn from there. It is a bit more limited than the full version such as you can’t track your progress but it still has many features such as downloading a PDF version directly to your smart device.

Thai Pod 101 On Mobile Devices

So there you have it a summary of Thai Pod 101.  I really enjoy this course and think it could really help strengthen your Thai skills.  It takes a little time to get used to how everything works in the member area but after a few minutes I am sure you will get the hang of it.  I must admit some of the audio does drive me a little crazy hearing the same opening statements of the speakers on every single lesson but I can live with that. There is a huge amount of information inside the site and with lots of extra tools and various methods to help you learn no matter where you are.  You could be at home on your computer or working out at the gym; various ways to listen, learn and view are all available to you and a number of new lessons and updated information added frequently to keep your interest in the language growing.


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