Watching Television To Learn Thai Language

For a New Year’s Resolution I have promised I will start watching Thai Television shows instead of English. It is a great way to help you learn hearing the language such as picking up the tones. I have always wanted to do this as I am still shy about talking day to day, something I am also trying to improve. The reason I have never used the Thai Television shows in the past is because to be honest the shows for the most part are not the greatest. I am not a big fan of soap operas or the slap stick comedies that a lot of the Thai people enjoy which seems to be the majority of content you will find on the television set. I have no issues to the Thai television system but it is quite obvious there is not a lot of selection or strong quality of programming available.

I know I can buy English movies and watch them in Thai, but from my experience you really can’t pick up the language to well over English movies. First, I find a lot of the Thai voices they use are exactly the same for multiple characters, you also can’t see the correct movement of the mouth and finally there is usually some loss in English to Thai translation. So this year I am going to try to force myself to always watch Thai TV when I decide to watch something on the television. I will try to find some better shows and will update on here if some shows are better than others. I am sure I will stick to watching soap operas and perhaps the news at first. The slap stick comedy is a little too wild for my tastes and I rather stick to more everyday Thai then the comedy Thai.

For those of you that are not in Thailand you can still watch a lot of shows by using the Internet such as YouTube. I also have a couple Apple Apps I use for my iPhone, most of it is in the Thai Language but even if you can’t read you can work your way around it.  There are lots of them online, some better then others, there are only a couple of my recent favorites.

1. Thai Tv+ – Watch Thai Television Shows
2. Thai Radio – Listen To Thai Radio Stations

Future posts I will try to review some of these iPhone Apps.

Picking up some Thai movies should be on my Thai list of things to do as well. It will be a difficult task because so many of the channels in Thailand play Hollywood movies around the clock making it hard for me to break away from them. In any case we will give it a shot and starting January 1st my Thai Television watching will begin. Wish me luck and have a Happy New Year in 2014 from Learn Thai Reviews!

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