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The first thing you should get your hands on when you are going to learn the Thai Language is a good dictionary that you can use to look up words in both Thai and English.  When I first started learning I quickly followed some of my classmates and picked up a Thai Dictionary from the local bookstore. I personally picked up the New Thai & English compact Dictionary from Paiboon Publishing which has a very nice selection of words.  However, though useful in class I am not one that enjoys taking out a dictionary in public every time I want to find a word.

So I started to investigate dictionaries  for my IPhone.  I tried a few dictionaries both free and paid and most of them were okay but not great.  Then I was happy to hear that Paiboon Publishing also has a Thai Dictionary for the IPhone called Talking Thai which is now also available in the Android version.  The dictionary is a little more expensive running at $24.95 at the time of this writing which for an App does seem a little on the high side but I decided to give it a try  anyway and I just love it.  It has over 150 000 words and it has many nice features.

Talking Thai Features Include The Following:

  • Over 150 000 Words
  • Both English To Thai and Thai To English
  • Clear Native Thai Speaker For Each Word
  • Speaks Both Thai And English
  • Search For Words By Sound
  • Search For Thai Words By English Word
  • Translate Thai Words By Entering Thai Script
  • Find Word Meanings Inside Big Words
  • View Real World Thai Fonts Of Each Word
  • Explains Spelling Of Thai Word
  • Electronic Guide Included
  • Screen Size Zooming For Easy Readibility
  • Tap Words To Copy And Paste
  • Explains If Word Is Common Language, Formal Thai, Literary Thai Or No Longer Used.

Talking Thai would also be very useful as to a Thai person trying to learn English. Perhaps for a student, you’re Thai Girlfriend or wife or just anyone that wants to be more skilled in the English language.  I am not a salesman here by the way.  I make no money at all by promoting this tool I just really think it is the best overall dictionary and the higher price for the program has been well worth it.  I often use it when I am in Thailand; if I forget a word or perhaps my pronunciation is incorrect I can quickly look up the word and correct myself.  It is also useful to show the Thai person you are talking to you, since the Thai script is also beside the English word they can quickly read it to see what you are talking about.

They also have a desktop version for the Windows Operating System for $32.95 if you do not have a mobile device that supports applications.  Take note that the Applications for Android and IPhone and Windows are all separate charges.  You can’t buy one and expect to get them all.  The desktop version gives you all the features I listed above they also have a virtual Thai keyboard you can use if you do not have a Thai Script Keyboard.  As for the IPhone and Android you can install the Thai Language pack for the phone.  A lesson I will go into in a future post.  Right now on my IPhone I can easily click back and forth from the Thai and English Keyboard.

If you buy the desktop version you can instantly download the program to your computer after you payment goes through and you get a code to install it.  Do not lose this code, though I do believe if you do their support will help you out trying to get it back through your purchase codes.  I had no problem installing the program on a couple of computers in my home.  If you desire the CD-ROM you can also order that way as well but it is a little more expensive at $39.95 and you have to wait for it to be delivered to you in the mail.

Finally, you also get lifetime updates for the product and if you want to try it out they have a free trial of the desktop version on their website, it only has 150 words but you get to see how the dictionary works if you are skeptical about the product.So there you have it, this is the dictionary I use for most of my Thai queries with my IPhone in hand I hardly ever use my old book version Thai Dictionary so much easier to carry with me where ever I go!


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