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First off let me state that my old post on how to get a residency certificate is no longer valid and you should read this one for the updated procedure. However, let me make it clear that the procedures often change so you might want to double check where and what needs to be done before you head out. However, this is the procedure in December 2017 as I had to personally go and get a new certificate.

The main reason that you might need to get this certificate is to certify your physical address in Thailand. Most people need to get this certificate in order to obtain a driver’s license or purchase a vehicle but their might be other reasons as well. I actually needed it this time because My MasterCard Company wants actual proof I am living in Thailand, seems they are cracking down on out of country rules.

There are two ways you can get a Residency Certificate in Chiang Mai:

1. If your embassy happens to be in the city you can get one through there, however it is usually more expensive around 1700 to 2000 Baht.

2. The preferred way is to go to the Thailand Immigration Office. It is a two day process. The first day your drop off your paperwork, pay the 500 Baht and then the next day you return. See Below for a more detailed process.

When You Apply For The Thai Residence Certificate You NEED The Following:

  • Your Actual Passport for verification purposes (They Will Not Keep It)
  • Photocopy of the front page of your passport (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your present Visa Stamp Page (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your Departure Card (Sign It As Well)
  • Photocopy of your Owner’s House Book or Lease Agreement (Alternative Signed Letter From Condo Staff)
  • Two 2×2 inch passport photos
  • Completed Application Form for the Residence Certificate
  • 500 Baht If You Want the Form the Next Day (See Below As Well)

You can prepare all of this before you go but if you want you can also get the photos, photocopies and application form at Immigration but a word to the wise. The immigration office can be quite busy at times and you might have to wait in a long line for each thing you need to do.  For instance when I went this week the photocopy room alone has about 40 people waiting in line. Personally, I like to get everything prepared and then head into immigration so I can get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Promenada Mall Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Immigration Office Bottom Floor Promenada Mall

Where To Go:

First off DO NOT GO to the immigration office close to the Chiang Mai Airport. They do not process residency certificates at this location any more. Also, DO NOT GO to the Immigration Satellite office, which is located off the Super Hwy across from the, this was the old procedure.

The CORRECT place to go now is at the Immigration Office at the bottom floor on the Promenada Mall where most things Immigration are handled these days. When you arrive at the location you are going to see several rooms with numbers on it and usually a long line outside by the information desk. Let me be clear on this point. If you are only at immigration to get your hands on a residence certificate you do not need to stand in the long line out front or go to the main immigration office.

What you need to look for is ROOM 7. It is just to the left of the photocopy room and also to the left of the information desk where you probably will see a long line. There is nothing to tell you that you are in the right place. The Room just says number 7 and that is it. When you enter the room there is an employee dressed in regular clothes sitting at the front desk with a few chairs around him for people to sit and wait.

Room 7 Chiang Mai Immigration

Room 7 Left Of Photocopy Room To Apply For Certificate

You give your paperwork to the employee and he/she will go through each page to make sure you have everything in order. If you do not then you will be told what you need and where to do it. Once the paperwork is approved a fee of 500 Baht will be asked for. The 500 Baht fee will assure that you can pick up the certificate the next day. Technically you are not supposed to be charged for this form but if you do not pay the 500 Baht then the process time to get your certificate can be about 4 to 8 weeks which is quite a difference. There has been some discussions on what this form charge really is, a kick back, a donation or perhaps it really is legit. Honestly, I do not know and have no intentions in debating it with the immigration officer. If you really can’t part with your 500 Baht and are willing to wait, well that is your decision.

The Immigration employee will then tell you to come back the next day between 1 and 4pm in the afternoon you go to the same ROOM 7 but this time head towards the employee in the back corner on the computer. That employee will search through the certificates find your photo and give it to you. Also, as a side not make sure to check your Thai Holidays before you go. There are several holidays throughout the year in Thailand where the Immigration office will be closed, it would be a shame to drive out there for nothing. One more thing is if you rather just avoid all of this you could hire a visa company to do all the hands on work for you. However, it will surely cost you more, probably somewhere around 1000 to 2000 Baht to get everything done as an educated guess. Finally, remember that the certificate is only good for 30 days, so make sure to use it or you got to do the whole procedure all over again.

Promenada Mall Immigration Chiang Mai

Promenada Mall Lots Of Parking For Cars And Bikes

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