Power House Fitness Gym Center in Chiang Mai is located on Nimmaana Haeminda Road Lane 6. When you are driving you will notice Wowee Coffee, it is in a Punna Place complex just a little behind this coffee shop. When you first go inside the Fitness Center you see some cardio machines on your left and the front desk directly in front of you as you walk through the main doors. The staff greeted me with a smile and I noticed right away that they sold protein and other supplements as well right in front of the desk area.

power house fitness center Chiang Mai

Outside Fitness Center

Power House Fitness Center has more than one level. The first level has the cardio up front and the weights and machines along the side wall and towards the back of the first floor area. There is also an area where you can stretch in front of the weight area though this is rather small. Upstairs they have a Pilates room and a studio room for group classes in which they offer several classes in Yoga, Power Weight, Aerobics, Power Kick and much more. They have a nice selection of weights and machine and though some of them are a little on the older side for the most part they will get the job done. I noticed a few of the bigger machines needed for those that have to lift heavy as well. The cardio area did not blow me away as it is a little cramped and hard to move around in.

This gym doesn’t seem to have a lot of machines to use for weight lifting but relies more on the free weights with a few machines on the side. For those that can’t stand using free weights well you might not feel right at home here. The air conditioning was cool and the gym was nice and bright. The gym has locker rooms (bring your own lock), washrooms, showers and even a sauna to relax in. There is also a food and beverage area upstairs if you happen to have missed a meal before you got to the gym or you got the munchies during or after your workout.

As mentioned above the gym has a lot of classes if you enjoy group fitness and they have personal trainers when you need them. I have heard you get assigned a personal trainer when you join but I am not exactly sure about that. The gym is clean, people are friendly and overall it is not a bad gym. What did shock me was the price at least for short term prices. For a monthly membership you are looking at 3750 Baht which is one of the most expensive I have seen. However, if you join for longer periods the price really drops down and you get a much better deal. For the short term member I would think there are gyms that are just as good and even better for a price that is much cheaper but if you are a long term member then the gym offers a good deal.

Prices at the time of this post were as follows:

  • 1 Month Membership 3750 Baht
  • 3 Months Membership 6900 Baht
  • 6 Months Membership 9000 Baht

Year Membership is broken into two time sections:

  • If you come between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM price is 10165 Baht
  • Full Day membership is 14445 Baht

Also at the time of this post they were offering 10% off Annual Plans.

I liked the gym but I will admit since I am a short term member at the moment the price was just too high. I can easily find a gym with almost all the same facilities (perhaps not the food and beverage area) for half that price and even more. All photos from the Power House Fitness Center Website. So over all a good gym if you plan to be staying for a while in Chiang Mai as the prices are reasonable as you commit to longer periods of stay. A little too expensive if you are just in for less then 2 months.

power house gym center map

Power House Gym Chiang Mai Map

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