PLC Thai Language School

I have recently come back to Thailand and since I have not gone to school for about a year thought it was time to get back into the game. I decided to visit a few schools in the city in order to get a feel for what is available. I also went to a couple demo classes to see how each school education and teaching system works. I decided to avoid Whalen School just because I am not a fan of their method of strict memorizing and no phonetics. As I said before in older posts this is not a bad school, just the system does not work personally for me. I also went back to my old school Pro Language which I have mix thoughts about. The school for me was great at first and had a strong teacher and a good group of classmates. Pro Language states on their web page that know more than 6 people per group class which used to be the case.

I asked the school how many people were in the class and they stated about 12 to 14 students which is way too many to learn properly in this type of school environment. They were also very pushy about trying to sell me the full student visa, if you have ever heard of those pushy used car salesmen; it was kind of like that. I do not like to be pushed into making big decisions, I like to take my time and weight all the options. I also checked out a school called AUA which looked promising but they did not have any classes available until the New Year and I really wanted to get started as soon as possible.

I made my final decision last week after taking a few demo classes to a school called PLC School and Training Centre. The staff was very polite and not pushy at all. I also enjoyed the demo classes and found the teacher very good and focused on really trying to improve my Thai and not just going through the motions. It was enough to convince me to sign up, as a bonus they have 2 other schools in the area. If I feel I need a more advanced class and am not getting it at this school then I can check out the other two schools in the area and go to either one of them which is a nice bonus.

I had my first class last week, unfortunately half the class was gone, getting close to the holidays usually results in poor holidays for the foreigners but we will see how it works out over the next month or two. The school is also closer to my rented apartment so it is a quick motorbike ride to the location. The class is 3 times a week with one hour sessions. I have to admit I find one hour a little short, was hoping for 2 hours twice a week which is a better in my opinion, I find you have a little more time to focus on the class, however I am willing to give the shorter classes a go.

Map Of My Schools

map of PLC Thai Learning Centre Pattaya

Just to be clear I am not saying any school is better then the other, I am just posting on the school I decided to choose this time around in Thailand.  I have had good experiences at Whalen and Pro Language and though AUA did not work out for me they were high on my interest list.

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