Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Review

I found myself in Bangkok again this time having to go to immigration to transfer my old visa stamp to my new passport as my old one had recently expired. I have always been terrible at finding places to eat in Bangkok so I thought I rely on TripAdvisor a bit more.In the past I have had both success and failures from their reviews. I was feeling like Italian plus I needed some place close by and I found Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant on 1, Sukhumvit Platform (BTS Asoke link to MRT).

Basically right when you get off the station in Asoke on the left side of Sukhumvit on the same side as the shopping centre Terminal 21. It is tucked in just behind the steps from the station, if you walked to Terminal 21 than you have gone to far so you should double back and you will see it on your right hand side.

At the entrance to the restaurant there is also a small kiosk that sells pizza by the slice. They have many different unique pizzas for you to try for as little as 50 Baht per slice with prices increasing a bit more for the more specialized ones. You can take them home right there or go inside and order by the slice as well. You are welcome to mix and match all sorts of different types of pizza slices or if you desire you can of course buy a full pizza.

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Kiosk

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Kiosk Out Front

I was feeling a bit jet-lagged as I recently flew in from the West so decided to get the Bruschetta as an appetizer followed by the POLLO ALLA CACCIATORA which is a braised chicken with garlic and rosemary with some roasted potatoes and vegetables on the side. In Thailand I am used to seeing a weak brushetta where it is a very small piece of bread with a few tomato peices on top. This was not the case at Pala Pizza Romana at all. I was shocked to see two huge pieces of fresh bread just covered in Tomatoes. It was unreal how many fresh deep red tomatoes were on top. It was actually difficult to eat as the tomatoes kept on falling off but I will not complain at all due to the amount and the freshness of the appetizer. In fact it was so big it actually partial filled me up.

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Bruschetta

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Bruschetta

Next was the Pollo Alla Cacciatora. The chicken was delicious with a very moist and juicy flavor. It was probably one of the best chicken dishes I have had in Thailand in a while. The roasted potatoes though tasty were a bit on the cold side, but I can live with it. I also had a ice tea which was also quite delicious. However, you should be aware they have a full wine selection for those that are looking to enjoy some wine with their meal. Normally I would also but being jet legged I decided to pass on it tonight.

The restaurant itself has a pretty nice atmosphere. It has a number of tables and high stools in a very clean casual setup. The kitchen is up front where you can watch the workers do their thing. They also have a little area that sells a wide selection of Italian meats and several homemade desserts that you can eat in house or take back home. The staff were polite but also very busy. This restaurant is quite popular so during the busy periods you might find it hard to find a table so keep that in mind. I sat by the back windows which is not a great place for a good view. At first I thought they were homeless people but it turns out they were just people in the restaurant taking a break, not the best view there. I would suggest trying to get  one of the chairs on the side,  you can at least have a street view of people coming and going through Bangkok.

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Bruschetta Italian Meats

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Italian Meats and Desserts Area

As I was eating I noticed others getting the pizza and it looks great so the next night I decided to order the pizza and a salad through one of the Internet Apps called Food Panda. You can track on the app when the restaurant gets the order, when it is sent out and even when it is on its way. You can pay online directly or pay the employee when he/she arrives at your door, in this case I had them deliver directly to the hotel.

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok

Well the salad was big, fresh and delicious but the pizza turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It was quite cold and did not seem that fresh, perhaps it would have been better to go to the actually restaurant because the pizza I saw the day I was in the restaurant looked much better. Surely, it could have got cold and not as fresh from the drive to the hotel. I also decided to try one of their desserts which was the TORTA DI CIOCCOLATO E MANDORLE, basically an almond and chocolate cake which was tasty as well.

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Sweets

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Bangkok Sweets

If I overlook the delivery pizza I think Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant is a pretty nice option to get a bite to eat. A wide range of pastas, vegan, pizza and other meals that will surely wet any appetite. The owner and cook seems to really stress quality and cares about his customers in fact I saw him checking in on several customers the day I was there, always nice to see an owner that takes pride in his food and wishes that his customers have a wonderful experience.

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