17th Jul 2014

Power House Fitness Gym Center in Chiang Mai is located on Nimmaana Haeminda Road Lane 6. When you are driving you will notice Wowee Coffee, it is in a Punna Place complex just a little behind this coffee shop. When […]

14th Jul 2014

Harris Fitness Center I been told is one of the newer gyms in Chiang Mai. It is located on the 6th Floor in the Pang Suan Kaew Hotel on 21 Huay Kaew Road. I am still a little confused on […]

10th Jul 2014

I was driving in Chiang Mai and noticed yet another fitness gym that I was not aware of. It is called Exclusive Fitness Training and I decided to pop in and take a look. The staff was a bit preoccupied […]

7th Jul 2014

I am now in Chiang Mai and the first things on my agenda besides finding a nice condo to rent are a new school to attend and of course a fitness gym. Now I am not a body builder superstar […]

20th Jun 2014

After living in the same city in Thailand for the last 2 or 3 years I decided that a change is needed. My plan is to head up to Chiang Mai in the next 2 or 3 weeks and invest […]

31st May 2014

My Personal Experience On Getting Both My Motorbike and Car Driver’s License in Pattaya, Thailand: 1. I first went to Immigration with my Passport, Visa and my Condo Lease showing my address in Thailand. 2. I went to the little […]

31st May 2014

Living in Thailand you will soon realize that the rules of the road are quite different. A large number of the population do not have a proper driver’s license and lack any actual driving training in cars and/or motorbikes. When […]

3rd May 2014

When you are learning the Thai language in Thailand and you decide to go to a school you usually have to decide if you want to take a private or group lesson structure. Obviously private lesson is just you and […]

26th Feb 2014

One of my favorite books for helping in the struggle to learn the Thai Language has to be Thai Reference Grammar, The Structure Of Spoken Thai which is written by James Higbie and Snea Thinsan. In Thailand I have found […]

19th Feb 2014

If you have ever taken a Thai Learning Language course in Thailand you have no doubt be introduced to how to read the Thai language at some point. Usually the schools will introduce reading at a later time but in […]