If you want to see my full Thai Pod 101 review then you are welcome to check it out in the link above but I wanted to talk to you about one of the options you get if you decide to go for the Premium Plus option. Let me first say that it is the most expensive option of all the packages you can get in Thai Pod 101 but it might be worth it in some cases for people that are really looking to learn Thai as you get access to your own online Thai Teacher which I will explain more in detail below.

Premium Plus offers three more additions to the regular subscription. The package offers a professional Assessment, a study plan tailored to what you want to learn and the main thing I Want to talk to about is the 1 on 1 Instruction via the Premium Plus My Teacher.

You can ask to a real Thai Teacher Online any question you so desire such as:

1. How to translate something from English to Thai
2. How to translate something from Thai to English
3. If you do not understand something in the Course
4. Talk about Thai Culture

Basically, you can ask anything you wish and if the teacher is online she will answer right away. If she is not online you usually get an answer back the next day. Usually, after I study I might have a list of questions for the teacher. I open up the My Teacher feature and paste the questions, then by the next day the teacher has got back to me and has explained the answers to my queries, usually with examples included with the questions I asked.

Thai Pod 101 Member Options

I find it quite helpful to have your own personal Thai Teacher and if you are not in Thailand or are still too shy to go ask a Thai person then it is a great bonus. As I said it will cost you a bit more to get this service but it could be worth your while.  Even if having a personal teacher is not something you are interested in then I still urge you to check out the course, they have two other plans that are cheaper and still offer a lot to an individual looking to strengthen his or her Thai Language abilities.


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