My Personal Experience On Getting Both My Motorbike and Car Driver’s License in Pattaya, Thailand:

1. I first went to Immigration with my Passport, Visa and my Condo Lease showing my address in Thailand.
2. I went to the little office outside and got photocopies of all plus 2 passport photos created.
3. The little office also helped me fill in the form for the Certificate of Residence.
4. Went into Immigration and got my queue number to apply for the Certificate
5. Waited about 20 minutes and told the officer that I wanted to get the Certificate so I could get a Motorcycle license in Thailand.
6. Paid 300 Baht and was told to come back in 30 minutes to pick it up
7. Picked it up 30 minutes later and left Immigration.
8. Went to local medical clinic and told them I needed form for motorbike license
9. They did a little check up on me consisting of heart rate, reflexes and asked if I do drugs
10. They need your Passport and the filled the form in and charged me 160 Baht
11. Not all clinics will give you a checkup and the price ranges from 100 to 300 Baht to get the form.
12. Got photocopies of my Car License.
13. Packed up my bag with all the forms, my original Passport and License and some cash to go to the Land Transport Office (TLO)
14. By this time it was 3pm and going to the LTO would have been too late in the day.

Motorcycle Pattaya Thailand Test Course

Motorcycle Test Zone In Thailand

Day 2

1. Was told to be at the office before 8am to get into the queue.
2. Arrived at 7:45am and sat outside with a number of Foreigners and Thai people.
3. At 8:00 am an employee came out and made two lines one for Foreigners and one for the Thai People
4. She handed out Queue numbers and told us to wait on the first floor until number was called.
5. When number was called you went upstairs and gave your documents for the staff to check
6. If you were missing something minor like a photocopy they would tell you and you could go outside and get it completed at a few small shops. If you were missing something like your Certificate of Residence then you would have to do your license another day
7. My documentation was in order and was given a green card with a number on it and told to wait
8. A Thai Officer then called all green card people to take two tests
9. Colorblind test where he would point at different colors on a board and you would call it out in English or Thai
10. A Reaction Test where you would step on a gas pedal and when the light turns you slam the brake as fast as you can, you got two chances on this test. If you failed then you have to come back again, if you passed then you move on to the next stage.
11. At this point since I already had a driver’s license from my own country that is all I needed to do to get the Thai Car License. I got my photo taken; my license was ready in about 5 minutes after that and I paid the 205 Baht Fee at the desk.
12. Since I did not have my motorbike license I had to take the official Thai tests to get it. First I had to make a photocopy of my new car license outside, for some reason they wanted that.
13. Then I waited in a line to take the multiple choice exam of 30 questions. Mostly with very loud Russians, some Thais and a few other people from other countries. It took a good hour to get into the test but finally got in.
14. They issue you a card that you stick in the computer to track your score. You have 60 minutes to complete the test and have to score 75% or more. You also have two chances to take the test on the same day so if you fail check your wrong answers for your redo. I passed the test on the first go and it took me about 10 minutes.
15. After you pass the test you give her the card and she told me to wait downstairs for the motorbike driving test
16. I waited about 1 hour and went out to driving course.

people waiting to take motorbike Thailand Test

Waiting to take the Motorcycle Test

The Motorbike Driving Test was next and consisted of the following:

a. A walk through the course on what to do and what not to do
b. You need your own bike or you can rent one there usually for like 200 Baht
c. The Thai People went through the test first so watch what they do
d. About every 50 meters they would send a new bike so if you drove to fast you would catch up to the person in front
e. Test consisted of going up a small hill
f. Changing lanes (light signal optional)
g. Going through some traffic cones without hitting them
h. Driving over a very narrow raised area without falling off it
i. Turning left
j. Two Controlled Stops and then you were done

Some things you should be aware of:
1. Wear your helmet from the start, if you don’t automatic fail
2. You can’t put your feet down during the test except at the controlled stops
3. You can’t hit the traffic cones
4. When you cross the little raised bridge don’t go to slow or fast, easy to fall off
5. Don’t go on the course without their permission or you fail

No Enter The Motorcycle Test Zone Pattaya

Don’t Go On The Motorcycle Track On Your Own

My personal experience I was the second foreign man to go and I had a girl in front of me that was just terrible. She hit two traffic cones and fell off the bridge, it made my drive more difficult as I kept on having to slow down to compensate for her mistakes but I made it okay. The little bridge was the most nerve racking, it is quite long and though it probably be easy under normal circumstances when you have those test nerves in you, everyone I talked to thought they would fall off the bridge and in fact that is where most of the failures happened.

In any case I passed and so did about 85% of the people taking it. In fact the Thai officers did not always notice when people failed. For instance that girl in front of me that made 3 mistakes passed as they did not notice her errors. If you are one of the ones that get caught making a mistake you fail the test but you can come back the next day to try it again.

Start of the motorcycle pattaya thailand course

Start Area Of Pattaya Motorcycle Test

From there you went to the middle of the course and pick up your papers stating you passed and back to the testing office. From there you got your photo taken once again, got the motorcycle license and paid 170 Baht for both the license and the test which is quite cheap. The whole process that day took from about 7:45am to 3:00 pm that is if you don’t fail anything so expect to have a whole day scheduled for it. The process is very tiring as there are a lot of people there, air conditioning is not that great, very loud and hard to listen to the Thai instructors and sometimes very confusing, you never quite know if you are in the right place for the next step. What I can say is I am highly impressed of the Thai Staff at the Land Transport Office. To try to manage Thai and foreigners of all different languages and attitudes is quite impressive; I don’t think I would last a week in there.

Another couple notes is some testing centers also have a Depth Perception test which I was expecting but never did. A small test where you take an image and place it on another image in a computer simulator. I am not sure if it has been taken away or just not working that day. Also, there is a 1 to 2 hour video on traffic rules of the road which I was never asked to take yet I saw other people taking it. I think that would have helped me get a higher score in the test but I managed to do it without the video.

New Rules As Of June 1st 2014

I managed to do my test before the new rules that are coming into place in Thailand.  Thailand is under some pressure that they do not have good drivers and decided to increase the test to 50 questions from 30 and you have to get 90% instead of 75% to pass . They are also talking about 12 hours of driver training and 2 to 4 hours of video training. I am not quite sure how the 12 hours will be set up, perhaps you will need to officially set up training with a school will have to wait and see in the future on how that will be tracked.

Land and Transport Office Thailand

Inside the Land and Transport Office

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