You are required by Law in Thailand to renew your insurance and registration on your vehicle each year, failing to do so will result in no 3rd party liability insurance if you get in an accident and of course a good excuse for the Thai Police to issue you a ticket to you if you happen to be caught at a check point with an expired registration. There really is no reason not to get the insurance and registration, the process is pretty simply and not very expensive.

Blue Building Insurance and Registration

Blue Building Insurance and Registration

I will be talking about the process in Chiang Mai but other provinces surely have similar procedures that you can research online. Of course if you do not want to bother doing this then you can surely bring all your information to an agency and have them do all the work for you. Usually, that costs a little more and perhaps you might have to wait a few days to get the sticker and insurance. I actually did that the first year I was in Chiang Mai but this year I decided to do it myself.

Front Of The Thai DMV

Front Of The Thai DMV

Before You Go You Need The Following:
1. Your Green Book For Your Motorbike – It does not have to be in your name
2. Money For Insurance and Registration – At the time it was 324 Baht for the insurance and 100 Baht for the sticker when I went in February of 2016.
3. Older Bikes – If you have an older bike you might be asked to have it inspected. They will check brakes, lights, tires etc. to make sure the basics are in working order. So you might want to service your bike before you go if it has obvious problems. They did not ask me personally to check my bike, perhaps because it is still pretty new 2014 model.

information desk chiang mai DMV

information desk in Main Office

The Process:

1. First you need to head on down to the Thai DMV which is located at the intersection right beside the Holiday Inn Chiang Mai on the Ping River. I could not find the Thai DMV on Google Maps or my GPS so I just went to the Hotel and found the DMV right away. If you are stepping out of the Holiday Inn and you look to your right the Thai DMV is right behind the intersection. It is hard to miss as it has lots of motorbikes parked inside and has a few colorful government buildings in blue, purple and yellow.

2. When you drive into the Thai DMV, drive towards the back where most of the motorbikes are parked. From there you will notice a little office to the left as you walk up the stairs and a bigger office straight ahead. Go to the little office first as this is where you renew your insurance. You hand over your Green book and they enter all the information into their little computer and asked you for cash, 324 Baht in this case. They give you your insurance papers and a receipt and you take that into the bigger office which is the main office for the Thai DMV.

3. Take your Green Book and your receipt from the insurance office to the information desk just to your left when you step into the door. The staff member will look at your documents and then hand you a queue number. From there you sit back and wait (I only waited 15 minutes) for your number to be called, the queue numbers are also on the computer screen with arrows pointing to which staff clerk you are supposed to go to. When your number is called hand her the Green Book, Receipt, Queue number. At this point you might be asked to have your bike inspected and then return but if you are not asked you just wait 2 minutes and she hands over your fresh new sticker when she receives that 100 Baht fee.

Queue Number For Motorbike Sticker

Queue Number For Motorbike Sticker

The process was quite simple and is pretty hard to mess up. Even if you do not know a word of Thai just walk into the office with your Green Book in your hand and look confused. Someone will help you pretty quickly as they know why you are there. The office seems quite efficient and unlike some horror stories of wait times I have had to go through in the past at Immigration offices I was in and out in less than 45 minutes total. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2017: I recently renewed my insurance, tax and motorbike sticker yet again in Chiang Mai. The process was exactly the same though the insurance and tax had gone up about 20 Baht.  This time the process only took me about 15 minutes.  Also one thing I forgot to mention is out front of the DMV is a small stand where you can get things to attach the sticker to your bike.  Most people get the  5 Baht stickers and just stick the registration to their bike but you can also get little containers.  I have had the containers in the past, a little small plastic tube that is screwed to your license plate but unfortunately it has been stolen twice.  I believe it is stolen not for the registration sticker itself but for the container to resell.  If you do decide to go for the container I would suggest you make a photocopy (color) of your registration and put that in the tube and keep your original at home, that way if it gets stolen at least you won’t have to head back to the DMV and get another.

chiang mai registration

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    I just need the green book and my Australian passport nothing else to get it in my name.

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