Learn Months Of Year In Thai

One thing I was never very good at was remembering the months of the year in the Thailand Language. I would study then for a bit, remember them for about a week and then they were out of my mind. I just never used them enough but was always disappointed that I could not retain them. The words themselves are what I like to call older Thai script meaning they are a bit more formal and not as easy to read. That and they do not sound anything like the months in English which of course did not help. The only month I could remember was August which in the Thai Language is “Singhaa Kom” and I hate to admit it the only reason I can remember that month is it is the same name of a local beer. The months also have a different ending depending on how many days are in the month. For instance a month that has 31 days always ends in “kom” if the month has 30 days it ends in “yon” and if it is 28 days then it is “pan”. These endings are optional but I would suggest knowing them as well.

So I thought I need to find a new way to remember these months that will retain better in my head. So I went to one of the local book stores in Pattaya and picked up a wall chart which you see in the above photo. It has the days and the months in the Thai Language. If you can’t read Thai yet then I would just make some sticky white tape labels using the phonetics and stick it on the poster as well. I also put it on the door of my apartment and I promise myself I am not allowed to leave my apartment until I say the months once. So every time I leave my apartment which is obviously up to several times a day I go through the whole months, I try not to look at them at all until I get stuck. Of course this will work with the days as well, but I have those memorized quite well now. I bought the poster for about 50 Baht which is like a dollar and 50 cents American.

Of course you do not need to buy a poster; you can just make a sheet yourself and tape it on your door. If you do not put it on your door then at least put it in a place that you will see it daily and promise yourself you will review it at least once a day. It will work with practically anything of course and I plan to make more sheets and stick them on my door with other useful phrases and vocab that I should be studying more. I think I will put up the numbers in Thai next. I know how to say the numbers in the Thai language but I do not know how to write them as of yet. They look quite different then our regular English number system. Repetition is good for remembering obviously and another tip is trying to find words in English that might help you remember for instance June in the Thai Language is “มิถุนายน” or “mí-​tù-​naa-​yon” it actually sounds like “Me Tuna” in English so that is how I remember the month June.

Below is a bigger version on my month, you are welcome to print this as well, sure it would do the trick, or like I said you can go buy or make one yourself.

learn the months of the year in Thai

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