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If you are on the search for a good tool to learn the Thailand Language then I would suggest checking out the LTP program also known as Learn Thai Podcast.  The site boasts having over 800 video, audio and text lessons all available for you to use.  You can go through the lessons online using your desktop computer, download PDF Adobe transcripts and also download the lessons via a Podcast format to your iPhone, iPod, Android and other various mobile devices for easy listening whenever you have the time to study, or just perhaps having them playing in the background while you do other things to help you pick up the sounds and meanings of many words and phrases.

Learn Thai Podcast is in my top two preferred methods of learning the language on your own.  If you do not have the time or desire to go to school it is a great option.  Even if you are going to school it is still quite useful and can surely help you progress your language skills much faster.  The program is not a one-time fee and you get it for life.  It actually is a subscription and you have to pay once a year to continue getting access to the member’s area.  However, you can easily download the entire course on your own and have the full program on your computer.  You will just not get any new lessons added to your account if you decide to discontinue the subscription.  They will not auto renew your credit card, you pay once for the year and if you want to continue following years you just subscribe again.

The Learn Thai Podcast is broken up into 5 Modules:

1. Module 1 Learn Thai Podcast – Consists of 300 of the most popular Thai Words, some common easy scenarios and some useful phrases to get you started with the Thai Language, this module is for the absolute beginner.

2. Module 2 Learn Thai Podcast – This section main objective is strengthening your vocab and your Grammar skills.  It will teach you how to form sentences, questions, answers and the tone rules of the language.  Each course also has a review section to help you practice what you just studied.

3. Module 3 Learn Thai Podcast – This is the intermediate level which focuses on more Grammar, Vocab but also introduces Conversation lessons into the program.  Again you will have access to review lessons to help strengthen your skills on each lesson that you go through.

4. Module 4 Learn Thai Podcast – This is the advanced level which once again focuses on even more Grammar, Vocab and Conversation lessons for the individual that has a good intermediate grasp on the language.  In this module News Lessons are also introduced.  The News you see in the papers and on television are very formal Thai and many of the words used on formal situations are not used on a daily basis.  It is great to learn very formal Thai as well but is smart not to introduce it too quickly is it can be a little harder.  Hence, why it has been introduced into the Advanced Lessons.

5. Module 5 Learn Thai Podcast – This lesson is focused on reading and writing the Thai Language.  After you finish module 1 and get the basics I would suggest you start Module 2 and also start working on Module 5.  You do not have to wait to get to advance to start reading and writing.  I would suggest this because learning how to read and write will actually help you with your tone skills, as we know the Thai Language has 5 tones and learning how to read can help you understand this more quickly.

Learn Thai Podcasts Lesson Plan

Some other key features:

  • Vocabulary Trainer – Online Vocab Trainer that helps you study, learn and test you’re listening and speaking skills.
  • RSS Feeds and Podcast Files
  • The ability to download all videos, audios, and text.
  • Online progression, after each lesson you can click complete and see how far your skills are progressing.
  • Online Email/Ticket Support – They have a team that are more than happy to help you with your Thai Questions, Program Issues, Billing Problems and tech support such as setting up Podcasts or viewing videos.

The LTP program also focuses on Street Thai Language. Everyday Thai Language can have a lot of short cuts and slang when speaking and LTP wants to help you along with not only speaking formally but informally as well. Another point of interest is some Thai Schools in Thailand use this course for students that want to do at home study. If you are living in Thailand and get a student visa but do not want to go to school and learn on your own, a few schools actually use this program for your training.

So to sum up my Learn Thai Podcast review. I would say it is an excellent program to give you a strong grasp of the program.  Will it make you a master of the Thai Language and you can jump off the plane and start speaking fluent Thai?  Well probably not, one really needs a lot of real life conversations to get to that level but this course will surely give you a strong head start.  I mentioned above it is one of my favorite learning methods and strongly stand by it for helping you learn the Thai Language.


2 comments on “Learn Thai Podcast Review

  1. Scott Robertson on said:

    I signed up for LTP back in May by paying for the course over 4 monthly installments. I paid the first installment on 15/5 then the second on 15/6 and everything was going fine. A few days a ago when I logged in the system is showing my subscription as expired and shows no record of my payments. As a result I cannot access any of the lessons.

    I wrote an email to them and sent them a note through the message system on their website informing them of this error but as of yet I have not received any response from LTP. I have wrote to them every day now for 3 days and still no reply or resolution to the problem. I am very disappointed with this lack of customer support as I was enjoying the course.

    I don’t know if any of you have experienced similar problems or have a contact number for them? Their silence is very frustrating as their website states they will reply to queries within 24 hours.

    Thanks and Regards

    • LearningThai on said:

      sorry you experienced this. I never had an issue with them when I used them in the past. I am not using them presently but using Thai Pod 101, did you get anything cleared up?

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