When you are learning the Thai language in Thailand and you decide to go to a school you usually have to decide if you want to take a private or group lesson structure. Obviously private lesson is just you and the teacher and many say that you can learn a lot faster when all the attention is strictly on you. You can focus on what you want to learn and the teacher can give you 100% attention when it comes to your tones, grammar, writing skills and grammar. If you really get into it and you have a good teacher you can excel pretty quickly. The issues I would say with a private class are usually the price as the cost can be quite more expensive especially if you decide to get a full year visa. The price of that visa can be more than triple the cost of a regular group visa.

Group lessons are a little different as usually you are placed in a class that has 3 to 10 students. Usually the number depends on which school you go to and what level of skill you are at. I think group lessons are good as well, firstly the price is much cheaper for the year visa, and not everyone has the funds to afford the private yearlong lessons. Second, you get to meet people that are trying to learn Thai as well so you can make some friends. I met many of my friends in Thailand at school. Third, you get to listen to other students and how they speak, pronounce tones and you might pick up new saying and ideas that you might not have thought about. What I really like is I can hear when people make mistakes on the tones and can fix my own for the future. Some cons of being in a class are sometimes the students are at different levels of the Thai Language. You might have a student that is slowing the class down or you might have a student that is too advanced and you find it difficult to keep up.

Learning Thai with a Private Teacher

I have also noticed in Thailand that the groups tend to get smaller as the year continues. Unfortunately, I am going through that right now. My Thai group started out as 7 students but now we are down to just me. Some of them gave up; some of them went back to their countries. So my group class has been cancelled and I am actually back to private at the group prices until more students enroll that are at my level.

Personally, I like to do a combination of both. I enroll in the group lessons for theĀ  lower visa price for the year. I enjoy the social aspect of the class and learn from both listening and speaking with the group as a whole. Then on the side I will purchase a package of private lessons. You can do this anytime you want. Usually they work out to be about 200 or 300 baht an hour. Normally, I will pick up a package of ten or twenty sessions that are usually 1 hour long but you can make them longer if you want. I find 2 hour private lessons a little too much to handle as it can be full on and you do not get the breaks like you would with the group as other students participate.

So there is my little blurb on private or group classes. There is no wrong answer on which one you should choose but like I said I personal enjoy the group with a few private lessons on the site. Of course that means a couple extra classes and not all of us have that time. Do what feels best and do not feel intimidated in a group class even if you are really bad at the Thai Language, I can assure you that there will be both terrible and amazing students but we all had to start at ground zero.

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