Harris Fitness Center I been told is one of the newer gyms in Chiang Mai. It is located on the 6th Floor in the Pang Suan Kaew Hotel on 21 Huay Kaew Road. I am still a little confused on where I can go to park my motorbike for this hotel but for now I been parking at the Central Kad Suan Kaew Shopping mall and walking over to the hotel. When you first enter the gym the desk is on the left and some cardio machines are on the right. The drop in day rate is 200 baht but they have weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months and a year If you are a student or a couple you can also get more discounts for a year membership.

Harris Fitness Center Chiang Mai Front Desk

Front Desk Harris Fitness Center

The front staff was very friendly with me and they give you a towel for free to use and I was on my way. You also can by drinks at the desk and they sell some protein power as well. You next enter the weight machine and free weights section. The gym is a little small but they have spaced out the equipment pretty well. There is a large amount of machines to use and the free weights are closer to the back right of the area. There are also some more addition cardio machines along the wall that look out over the window. There are no televisions or anything like that if you are one that enjoys cardio and watching your favorite show. Harris Fitness Center equipment for both the machines and the weights are rather new and are in good shape. They do not have bicep bars with preset weights but they do have a bar where you can add weights manually. They have a wide range of hand free weights that go up to quite a heavy weight.

Harris Fitness Center Chiang Mai Weight Room

Weight Machine Area

The gym is clean and organized and from what I have seen people return the weights to the correct place when they are finished using them. The place does have air conditioning and I found it cool but definitely not cold. The lights on the ceiling are a little close so when you have to do a workout exercise such as the bench press the bright lights can be a little annoying as they glare into your eyes. I would say that the gym would be good for the fitness buff but not sure about the heavy body builder lifters, I think it lacks the weights and equipment for the guys that plan on putting on some serious weight.

Harris Fitness Center Chiang Mai Cardio

Cardio Machines

Moving on through the weight room you next see a small room with a punching bag. Then past that there is a studio room for ball work, stretching, light weights and group exercise. They offer Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, Yoga, Aerobic, Abs Exercises, Kicking Boxing and more. Past that room is a ping pong table and the male and female locker rooms. When I went to Harris the first time I could not find any place to change my clothes and ended up doing it in the bathroom. I found out recently that the changing rooms are behind the ping pong table and are not connected to the locker rooms at all. The lockers do not come with a lock so make sure to bring your own but the gym does not seem to mind if you carry your bag around with you as well. The bathroom has a couple showers which are good but like I said if you need to change you will have to leave the locker room and go to the changing area, so you might want to towel up as you might scare the opposite sex if you decide to walk out naked.

Harris Fitness Center Chiang Mai Free Weights

Free Weights Area

The prices for the gym are very reasonable as you can see by the price chart that I took a photo of at the front desk. (See Below) You can also get access to the swimming pool on all the monthly packages. She told me it was only an extra 50 baht which seems like a great price for those that need a pool. At the time of this review however the pool is under maintenance until October of 2014. I have heard you can use the neighboring hotel pool as an alternative but might be a bit on the annoying side to track back and forth.

Harris Fitness Center Chiang Mai Studio Area

Studio Area

To sum up I really enjoyed Harris Fitness Center. Yes the gym is a bit on the small side but they have a nice selection of equipment, friendly staff, good prices and busy but not crazy busy. The parking situation is still a bit annoying for me and I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more up to date cardio machines but for the most part I was happy with this gym. I think the regular fitness buff can get a good workout here and those that are new to working out as well. As I stated above it might not be great for those that lift extremely heavy as you would probably take all the weights in the whole gym to do some of your exercises.

Harris Fitness Center Prices

Harris Fitness Center Prices

More Random Photos Of The Gym:

Harris Fitness Center Lockers

Harris Fitness Center Lockers

Harris Fitness Center Changing Room

Changing Rooms


Harris Fitness Center Punching Bag

Punching Bag


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  1. Agreed! Harris is a great place to workout for locals, visitors and expats alike. One of the better gyms in town all in all…

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