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If you are going to school in Thailand trying to learn the language or perhaps you are dealing with a tutor either meeting them in person or online such as a Skype sessions I would suggest you really make sure that the teacher makes or actually drills the tones into your brain. I have noticed after a going to a few schools that many teachers and no I am not saying all actually get used to hearing bad foreigner Thai Tones and they can understand it. This means that the Thai teacher often does not correct your pronunciation and the class just goes on as normal with a bunch of students that all seem to have a different tonal skill level.

I found this out only by chance as I found a new teacher who thought my tones were absolutely terrible. He said I had more skills then a typical English student but if I really wanted to learn then tones, vowels and the sounds of the consonants would have to be relearned all over again. I was actually saying the words “thank you” in Thai completely wrong for 2 years and was mad at myself when I realized I was missing out on really learning the language correctly. There were times in the past where I would say a word to a Thai person and they have no idea what I was talking about. Tones are very important and you can learn all the vocab and grammar in the world but if your tones are not correct when talking in real conversations you are seriously limiting yourself.

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So when you are studying, looking for a teacher, reading and listening to the Thai Language make sure to really focus on how the tones work. If you find the teacher is being too easy with the tones then tell her to be harder on you or find another one. It will be frustrating at first and it will take some time to get used to how the tones work. If you are lucky you can already speak a tonal language which will surely help you. If you are like me then you might have to work on it more. You can also try to relate some of the tones to your English skills. For instance the high tone in the Thai language sounds very similar to when you ask a question in English. You might notice when you ask a question your tone might raise a bit at the end to emphasis the question you are asking to another individual or group.

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