I am now in Chiang Mai and the first things on my agenda besides finding a nice condo to rent are a new school to attend and of course a fitness gym. Now I am not a body builder superstar but I do like to lift weights, do cardio and stay in rather good shape. The first day I decided to visit five gyms that I found on the Internet and the last couple of days I have actually worked out at two of them under a day pass. I thought it would be smart to actually go to each gym one at a time for a full workout and then do a review for those that might also be interested in Fitness Gyms when they arrive in Chiang Mai Thailand.

cardio in Fitness Thailand Gym

Cardio Along the side wall

The first gym I did a full workout in was Fitness Thailand complex which is located inside 29 Parking Building in the Icon Square Building complex. It is on Hasadisewee Road, T. Sripoom. I made the initial mistake of going to the Icon Square building directly in front which turned out to be the wrong location. You have to drive down a small side street on the left of the main Icon Square Building and park your bike on the side and walk into the building on the left, about 200 meters from the main road. You then take an elevator to floor 7 and the front desk is right there when you get off the elevator, of course you can take the stairs if you feel like walking up 7 flights. The front desk staff was pleasant and the first time they showed me around the gym with no problem and were happy to do so.

Chiang Mai Fitness Thailand

Weight Room Fitness Thailand

Today however was a workout day and I paid the 200 Baht drop in rate. Drop rates are usually quite expensive but like I said I was testing the gyms before I commit to signing up. After paying you precede to the locker rooms, on the way you have a bar area where they serve protein drinks and the like and then farther down a large room for group glasses that has huge glass windows overlooking the city. You are welcome to use that room if it is free but sometimes there are classes in progress. Further down to the left you have both the women and men locker rooms. The locker rooms are rather large with lots of lockers (bring your own lock), showers, sauna, steam rooms and washrooms. I found the room rather hot as either the A/C was not working or it was on quite low. The locker room is okay, a little musty from showers and sauna rooms but it gets the job done. You are not allowed to bring your bag onto the workout floor so keep that in mind.

leg machines at fitness thailand

Working Out at Fitness Thailand

The fitness gym itself probably has one of the largest amounts of machines I have seen so far with all my trips to different gyms. Most of the cardio is located on the side wall with a few machines also just to the front when you enter the complex. I almost forgot the gym is actually located on the 8th floor where once again you can take the stairs or elevator. Even though Fitness Thailand has many machines on the floor I did find they were a little older and a few of them were broken with no signs stating they were under repair. However, for the most part the machines did their job. As for free weights they are located towards the back in a smaller area. It does get a little crowded and the benches were also a bit older. What really bothered me is the free weights were from all different companies and some were in kilograms and some were in pounds. It also seems that no one cares to put them back in their right place and you really have to search to find the correct weight. Not the end of the world and I am sure I would get used to it after a while.

Chiang Mai Fitness Thailand

More Weight Machines

The cardio also had older machines but they seem to do the job. The whole area does have air conditioning; I would not say it is freezing cold or boiling hot but just cool. I think for those really working hard you would probably still get a pretty good sweat going on. Also there is another area where you can stretch, use abs machines and work with light weights. Also found a few of the personal trainers use that area as well for their clients. Fitness Thailand has no pool included so if you are a swimmer you are going to have to find somewhere else for that. I have to admit I had high expectations of Fitness Thailand and I think I was a little disappointed. It is not a bad gym but it is also not a great gym in my personal option. It was busy when I was there but not too busy and overall I felt like I still got a half decent workout.


Prices at the gym however are quite reasonable for what you get. At the time of this post it was 200 Baht for the Day Drop In, 1700 for 1 Month, 4500 for 3 Months, 7000 for 6 months and 9500 for the whole year. There is also an initial 100 Baht charge for the creation of your member card. Thailand Fitness is a half decent gym. I think if they upgraded some machines, cleaned it up a bit more and fixed the elevator where I stubbed my toe coming out of it twice would help overall. Will it be my main gym to sign up for? No it will not but I can see why some people enjoy it. There are also personal trainers you can hire though I did not get any prices and a number of group classes. If you happen to be less than 23 years old you are considered a student and you get even more discounts, see the flyer I copied below. The gym opening hours is Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm and on the weekends 9 AM to 9 PM.

fitness thailand Chiang Mai Prices

fitness thailand Chiang Mai Prices

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