Looking for a hotel with a good gym in Bangkok? Often when I have booked a reservation in the past on a hotel website you are offered some low quality photos of the gym or perhaps even a stock photo of a gym that is actually not in the hotel. You check into the hotel and head on over to the gym and are disappointed to see that it might be a little tiny shack of a gym with ancient equipment or a very limited supply of free weights and machines for you to use.

I am not looking for a huge gym when I travel but something that offers a little more than that typical giant do it all workout machine and one bike or treadmill. A hotel that offers a little something extra. This time I did some research on hotels before my trip and decided I give the Landmark Hotel in Bangkok a try. This hotel might be a bit more expensive for some but I really wanted a solid gym. The reason the gym is so good at the Landmark Hotel is it has a partnership with Fitness First which is a huge gym featuring lots of machines, free weights, cardio rooms and so much more. With many of the room packages you get full access to the gym and only have to zip up to floor 4 from the lobby and give them your room number and you can work out for as long as you like.

Fitness First Bangkok Ladndmark Hotel

Fitness First Bangkok Ladndmark Hotel

Since I have done reviews in the past for many gyms in Chiang Mai and Pattaya it only made sense that I would do one for Fitness First by the Landmark Hotel. From my understanding Fitness First is a big chain and actually has more gyms in the Bangkok area but for this review will focus on the one connected to the Landmark Hotel in the Nana area.

The gym has quite a lot to offer for almost every fitness buff from the beginner to the advances and the young to the old. For Cardio a huge number of machines are situated in one area and even more machines are scattered throughout the rest of the gym. Stair climbers, Bikes, Row Machines, Elliptical, treadmills and more are waiting for you and chances are you will have no problem having to wait for one as they have so many. Also, for cardio there is a number of group classes and bicycle spin classes that are offered at no extra charge.

fitness first cardio room area

fitness first cardio room area

Weight machines are also in abundance and most of them are situated in the middle of the gym. Pretty much every machine you can think of are waiting for you and in many cases they have one to three machines of the same type which means once again you do not have to wait. The machines are not brand new but they are not what I would consider old either. They all seem to be in good shape and the time I was there, none of them seemed to be out of order. Since, there are a lot of machines it does get a little cramped in that area but nothing that would deter me from being interested in joining the gym.

Now the free weight section is towards the back left of the gym. The equipment I would say is a little older but seems to be in pretty good shape. They have a wide selection of free weights of many different weights and also have assisted machines, bench press, various cable machines, free bars and much more. My only issue in this area is they don’t seem to have a huge number of plates for the weight bars, not so bad for me but for the very heavy lifters you would have to hog almost all of them and take the plates from various machines. I think they could really benefit from buying a number of extra weight plates for everyone to take advantage of.

Other benefits of the gym is they have a stretching, ball, kicking bag area in the middle of the gym as well. I also saw a number of staff helping the gym goers in stretching, not sure if that was part of a personal trainer or just a bonus. There is also a Yoga type room in the back, machines to weigh yourself, personal trainers, a locker room and a towel service. This is the type of gym I would find back in my home of Canada. It is huge, has lots to offer and you surely can get a good workout.

Some cons for me are the lack of plates as I mentioned above, like to see some more back machines, be nice if they had a protein shake section and they have way too many staff wondering around but that seems to be the case in almost any business in Thailand. This same gym in my home town would be run by 3 to 4 people but here I counted over 20 while I was working out. Since I was there on behalf of the hotel I did not get a price list but under some research it seems the price of a membership is about 2100 Baht a month up to almost 35 000 a year for a Platinum membership which gives you access to multiple clubs. There seems to be a lot of different packages from corporate, student and different length terms so I would check it out if you are interested. One thing for certain it is not a cheap gym as you can certainly find cheaper in Thailand but you might not get the quality and quantity of equipment at your disposal.

The photos included in the post are from my stay and are taken by yours truly. Please feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoyed my little Fitness First Bangkok Review by the Landmark Hotel.

2 comments on “Fitness First Gym Review Bangkok Landmark Hotel

  1. Dennis Habern on said:

    I am an American citizen, currently residing in Germany.

    I have plans to visit Fitness First, when I visit BKK in

    April 2018. Therefore, I would like to contact MAPRUNG,

    the female manager of Fitness First at the Landmark Hotel,

    on the 4th floor. I am a returning member at Fitness First.

    Therefore, can someone furnish me with the e-mail address,

    at Fitness First, at the Landmark Hotel?

    Thank you.


    Dennis P. Habern

    • LearningThai on said:

      I don’t have the contacts of the gym Dennis nor did I post your email in the comment section. If I did you probably start to get spammed by lots of people haha
      However I would suggest one of two things
      1. https://www.fitnessfirst.co.th/en-GB/contact-us?source=footer You can use the contact us page on the Fitness First Page
      2. Call the hotel or email the hotel as well, they probably would have the required contact info.

      Good Luck

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