I was driving in Chiang Mai and noticed yet another fitness gym that I was not aware of. It is called Exclusive Fitness Training and I decided to pop in and take a look. The staff was a bit preoccupied with their phones but got to me and let me look around the place. The last couple of days I decided to drop in and do a couple of the day passes at 200 Baht a pop to get my feelings and thoughts about the gym. The gym is located off of Wang Singh Kham 1 road and I have never heard of it until I drove by it. They do not have a website for this gym but do have an Exclusive Fitness Training Facebook page if you like to check it out.

Exclusive Fitness Trainiing Chiang Mai Gym Cardio Room

Cardio Area

The locker rooms are small but do the trick with a handful of lockers(bring your own lock), a couple of showers, couple of bathrooms and a big mirror and a couple of chairs to sit and  blow dry your hair. You surely will not be blown away by the locker room but it does the job, the showers look a bit damaged as well but are in working order. As you enter the gym you will have the front desk right in front of you with cardio machines both to the left and right of the front desk. The weight floor consists of a number of machines, free weights, boxing bags and even a small boxing ring for sparing. There is a nice range of free weights and even though some of the machines seem a little on the older side they are in half decent shape and are good for a workout.

The last two times I went which were at 3 PM and 5 PM I found the gym busy but not crazy busy. What I did find is a few of the regulars there and I am presuming they are regulars as they seem to know everyone,  seem to enjoy hogging the certain machines, it was not a surprise to see a couple guys on one machine for 40 minutes which in all fairness is way too long, though I suppose you could interrupt them and work your way in. I found the two girls that worked there, one I believe a trainer were friendly and always smiled when I walked by. The guys that worked there seemed more interested in chatting on the phones though one of the employees who had half decent English was very helpful to me the first day, showing me around the place.

Exclusive Fitness Trainiing Chiang Mai Gym Locker Room

Locker room

They do have air conditioning for those that require it and the place seem to be kept at a nice cool temperature, not freezing cold but comfortable. There were a couple of machines that I usually enjoy that are missing from the gym but that is bound to happen in many gyms and you just got to find an alternative. The Cardio machines I actually thought were a little better than I have recently seen; yes a few years old but more up to date then many of the other gyms I have visited in Thailand. As for the prices as I am sure you want to know they were not the cheapest I have seen so far but also not the most expensive. The rates were reasonable and I think worth the price. There is no swimming pool, saunas or any of those types of bells and whistles. There also seems to be no dedicated area for stretching or abs work which is something I like to do after a workout. You can make your own spot either by the punching bags for instance but it might not always be free.

At the time of this review the prices to join the gym were as follows:

  • 200 Baht for Day Drop In Charge
  • 1800 Baht for 1 Month
  • 4500 Baht for 3 Months
  • 7800 Baht for 6 Months
  • 12999 Baht for 1 Year

They also said if you join for a year and use your credit card you would also get an additional 15% off your membership.

Exclusive Fitness Trainiing Chiang Mai Gym Free Weights

Free Weights

I enjoyed Exclusive Fitness Training and think it is a half decent gym. It is kept cool, has a nice range of cardio, weight machines and free weights and is in a pretty big area. There are personal trainers available though not sure of the price. It does lack a pool, stretching area and it can be a little busy but overall not a bad gym for a lot of the guys and gals that like a bit of everything in their gym.

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