31st Jan 2018

Hello everyone that has followed me on Learn Thai Reviews.  This was a project I always wanted to get going but just never gave it my 100%.  I believe it was the name of the site that really slowed me down in wanting to update it.  It was never a great fit for what I wanted to show.  So I will not be updating this site anymore however I would love to have you check out my new site Hello Thailand.

The new site will focus on what I always wanted.  A mixture of everything Thailand.  Not just reviews but places to go, food, movies, expat information and so much more.  I am also on Twitter so make sure to follow me on there is well.

Hope to see you all soon on the new site and I will still be checking in on this one for the next little while so please feel free to leave questions but you can also do the same on the new site.

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