24th Jan 2015

If you are living in Thailand these days you might be one of the many foreigners that are stressing out with all the recent Visa rule changes. From restrictions on the tourist visa to the wild year of ever changing […]

26th Dec 2014

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the Education Visa for foreigners in Thailand. Over the last year or so there have been several new changes to the ED Visa rules and procedures which has caused a lot […]

8th Nov 2014

This post is about my first experience to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office for my first extension for my recently Education Visa that I got in Laos about 3 months ago. Presently, under the new rules you have to check […]

10th Aug 2014

I recently moved from Chon Buri to Chiang Mai in Thailand. I have been going to school for a while now and though I am far from fluent I can speak, read and even write the Thai Language. To continue […]

3rd May 2014

When you are learning the Thai language in Thailand and you decide to go to a school you usually have to decide if you want to take a private or group lesson structure. Obviously private lesson is just you and […]

15th Dec 2013

Pattaya Immigration Office Thailand If you are living in Pattaya, Thailand and are getting a student visa you will no doubt have to visit the immigration office usually at the beginning of your Student Visa period and every 90 days […]