13th Feb 2015

If you want to see my full Thai Pod 101 review then you are welcome to check it out in the link above but I wanted to talk to you about one of the options you get if you decide […]

3rd Oct 2014

I often get frustrated in trying to learn the Thai Language and am always trying to find new ways in which I can learn.  I am often too shy to talk to random a stranger which is something I really […]

26th Feb 2014

One of my favorite books for helping in the struggle to learn the Thai Language has to be Thai Reference Grammar, The Structure Of Spoken Thai which is written by James Higbie and Snea Thinsan. In Thailand I have found […]

19th Feb 2014

If you have ever taken a Thai Learning Language course in Thailand you have no doubt be introduced to how to read the Thai language at some point. Usually the schools will introduce reading at a later time but in […]

30th Dec 2013

Watching Television To Learn Thai Language For a New Year’s Resolution I have promised I will start watching Thai Television shows instead of English. It is a great way to help you learn hearing the language such as picking up […]

24th Dec 2013

Focus On Thai Tones If you are going to school in Thailand trying to learn the language or perhaps you are dealing with a tutor either meeting them in person or online such as a Skype sessions I would suggest […]

22nd Dec 2013

Learn Months Of Year In Thai One thing I was never very good at was remembering the months of the year in the Thailand Language. I would study then for a bit, remember them for about a week and then […]