One of my favorite books for helping in the struggle to learn the Thai Language has to be Thai Reference Grammar, The Structure Of Spoken Thai which is written by James Higbie and Snea Thinsan. In Thailand I have found the book at the Asia Books Stores that you will find in many of the larger shopping complexes. It is a little more expensive than your average Thai book at almost 900 Baht or about 30 dollars American but I think it is well worth it. I would say it is not for the beginner but more for the Intermediate or advanced level student. It helps you develop a better understanding of the grammar used in sentence structure of modern spoken Thai, spoken Thai being the keyword here.

The book is written in both English, Phonetics and the Thai Language and they do a good job explaining how to use the phonetic system to help you with the tones as well. Each grammar section has examples and the book claims to have about 500 different topics and about 2000 examples of common structures used in daily spoken Thai. I will say that this book is kind of boring to read and you probably could not just sit down and read it from cover to cover. However, it is a great reference book or a book to just pick up here and there and learn some grammar structures. It is about 400 pages long with hardly any photos. If you are in Thailand I would go to the bookstore and flip through it and see if it would help you along your way.

best Thai grammer book backcover

In Thailand you can also  get the book shipped to you for free is you order it from Asia Books. If you are outside the area then Asia Books will send it to you but other sites such as Amazon also have the book in their database. I have a lot of books, probably too many but this is one that I have never regretted purchasing.  I believe the same author has a few other books which I mean to check out in the future since I was so impressed by this one.   Check it out and I hope it helps you on your way to better learning!

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