Recently, I went on a trip to Phuket with my Thai girlfriend to check out the beaches and some of the sites. It has been a few years since I went there and a lot has changed. The Patong area is just full of foreigners, feels like I am not in Thailand at all at times though mind you I was there during busy season. While we were there we checked out many restaurants in the area and relied on sites like Trip Advisor to get an idea on some hopefully good choices.

Baan Noy Restaurant Phuket

Amazing Fresh Tasty Fish

We checked out a few Thai restaurants close to the beach area of Patong and though the food was okay it was nothing fantastic even though the review sites would give it high ratings. It was also quite expensive for Thai food but I do understand that this area is really focused on tourists so the prices have been inflated. The second last day we were in Phuket we decided to head into Phuket Town to try to get away from the huge amount of tourists. We checked out the city, some views, a museum and even the aquarium in the area.

Baan Noy Restaurant Phuket

Even The Rice Lovely Presented

By midafternoon we were quite hungry so I jumped on the Internet and searched for choices in Phuket Town for Thai Food. I found a restaurant called Baan Noy and decided that will be our next food adventure and got my Google Maps and went off to find it on my Scooter. The restaurant was a little hard to find, off the main road on a gravel road and I actually missed the turn the first two times. We drove up to the restaurant midafternoon and it was completely empty. I considered perhaps not going as an empty restaurant often means that the food is not that good but we were starved and it was before any dinner rush. Three girls worked as waitresses showed us where to park and we had the pick of the tables.

The restaurant is outside but under a cover and was laid out very well. It was clean and inviting and the staff were very friendly. We ordered a few things off the menu and when the food came it looked simply amazing. The colors of the food made it look so delicious compared to the food we been eating in Patong. Now the questions was will it taste as good as it looks? Well I am happy to say I was blown away by the food at Baan Noy. The ingredients were so fresh, the flavors were very tasty and it was all presented to us quite beautifully.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong Lots Of Shrimp

Even my Thai Girlfriend was thrilled with the food and we both thought the food was so much better than the restaurants we had been going to on our trip so far. We ended up talking to Khun Noy who happens to be the cook and a very lovely person. She was so excited that we thought her food was as tasty as it was and she really gave us top quality Thai Food for a pretty good price. Sure a bit more expensive than some Thai restaurants but about the same price we were paying in Patong but much better quality.

We also talked to the husband who happens to be a foreign man that has been living in Phuket for quite some time. If memory serves me correct he was German but do not quote me on that. One thing for certain was he was just as friendly as everyone else in the restaurant and we ended up talking for some time. He told us the restaurant gets very busy at night when the people start coming back from the beaches and if you come at night it is smart to make a reservation first.

Baan Noy was actually one of the highlights of my trip to Phuket. The food was so delicious that I wish we found the establishment much earlier and not at the end of our trip. I know I would have been back to the restaurant two or three more times during my week stay if I had found it earlier. Khun Noy gives you high quality, amazing flavors at a reasonable price and the menu has a lot of options, even those that do not enjoy Thai food there are a number of options to choose from. So my final thoughts are if you are in Phuket Town (Chalong Area) or even outside of it take the time to find this place, the food and the staff make this restaurant my absolute favorite choice on my Phuket Trip. Not saying they are the best restaurant in Phuket but they were certainly the best that I experienced so far and would think Baan Noy will be hard to beat.

Some information about Baan Noy

  • Open Noon Until 10pm Everyday except Sundays (Closed Sundays)
  • Phone Number is 093 773 0020 Thai and English
  • German and French  Speakers Can Call 082 802 0162
  • Email Address of
  • Baan Noy Restaurant Website
  • Baan Noy Menu PDF Format

Small Map Image that was taken from Baan Noy Website Below

Directions to Baan Noy Restaurant

Directions to Baan Noy

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