31st Jan 2018

Hello everyone that has followed me on Learn Thai Reviews.  This was a project I always wanted to get going but just never gave it my 100%.  I believe it was the name of the site that really slowed me […]

13th Dec 2017

Updated Procedure Chiang Mai Residency Certificate First off let me state that my old post on how to get a residency certificate is no longer valid and you should read this one for the updated procedure. However, let me make […]

10th Dec 2017

Thailand has some amazing food and lately I have decided to break free from the familiar Thai dishes that I have been eating and start to explore more into the Thai Cuisine and the restaurant Khao Soi Lam Duan was […]

10th Sep 2017

Thai Pod 101 Review Thai Pod 101 is another very popular program for learning the Thai Language.  The software is offered in a number of methods including lessons via Video, Audio and Podcasts, all which can also be downloaded in […]

1st Feb 2017

You are required by Law in Thailand to renew your insurance and registration on your vehicle each year, failing to do so will result in no 3rd party liability insurance if you get in an accident and of course a […]

30th Oct 2017

Pala Pizza Romana Restaurant Review I found myself in Bangkok again this time having to go to immigration to transfer my old visa stamp to my new passport as my old one had recently expired. I have always been terrible […]

10th Mar 2017

Recently, I went on a trip to Phuket with my Thai girlfriend to check out the beaches and some of the sites. It has been a few years since I went there and a lot has changed. The Patong area […]

2nd Feb 2017

Firstly, I will admit that I do not eat out often and when I do I usually stick to the more Western type foods as that is my comfort zone. However, from time to time I do like to sample […]

17th Aug 2015

Last year I got a temporary driver’s license for both my motorbike and my car in Thailand. Recently that 1 year license has expired and it is time to move on to the next step, the 5 year license. I […]

13th Aug 2015

THIS PROCESS IS OUT OF DATE HOWEVER I HAVE A NEW PROCEDURE TO GET RESIDENCY CERTIFICATE IN CHIANG MAI CLICK THE LINK BELOW Updated Procedure To Get Residency Certificate Chiang Mai Enter Here I got a Thailand motorcycle driver’s license […]